Advocates 4 Wrongfully Convictied
"Botched" Investigation
Reviewing the investigation conducted by the police it's quite clear they did an inadequate and sloppy job of collecting evidence and investigating the case. Lead Det. Alan Whitehead testified at trial there was NO physical evidence (i.e. tire molds, fingerprints, footprints, DNA, hair, semen, etc.) connecting Hank to the crime.The police had no physical evidence showing Hank was the perpetrator of this alleged crime and no forensic evidence showing a crime was even committed. Any evidence that could have excluded Hank as the rapist of this alleged crime scene was either ignored, not collected, or the police were unable to obtain test results tying Hank to the crime. All the police had was the statement of a very troubled and scared 12 year old girl, and as powerful as this may seem there are countless cases where young victims, for whatever reasons, have been coerced to lie about the commission of a crime resulting in an innocent person being sent to prison; Hank happens to be one of those innocent victims..

Here are the facts showing how the police "botched" the investigation:

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Henry Houghton
Convicted of a crime that never happened!!!