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Case Summary
This is a case of he said. she said. On July 18. 1982 Tanya Savage (not the victim's real name) claimed she was kidnapped and raped by Henry Houghton (Hank). Yet there was no physical or forensic evidence that substantiated her claim, or linked Hank to the crime scene. There were many discrepancies in the victim's police report and trial testimony that cast serious doubt whether Hank was the perpetrator of this crime or if a crime even occurred. The police had many opportunities to prove Hank's guilt beyond ANY doubt yet at every opportunity they failed in their investigation to prove Hank was the perpetrator.

It is quite clear one of these two people lied. The jury choose to believe the victim, more then likely because they couldn't reconcile within their minds why a twelve year old little girl might lie about such a crime. Yet, the justice system is full of cases where victims lied, young children are coerced into telling stories that are not true, police falsified information, prosecutors misled juries, defense council were inept and not prepared, and juries had to make live-altering decisions without having all the facts and evidence.. This web site is intended to provide you, the audience, with facts and evidence of what did and did not happen on the night of July 18, 1982 and the morning of July 19, 1982. After reading this material you be the judge as to who's not telling the truth.

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Henry Houghton
Convicted of a crime that never happened!!!